In Montana, shot a wolf-likeanimal

If you look at all the photos sent by the witnesses of this
a mysterious animal that was killed the other day in Montana
USA (near the city of Denton), then you too can develop
the impression is something implausible for our world. Strange
wolf-like creature, not otherwise.

And you imagine that he was thought by professional hunters of this
American state, which, firstly, know the fauna
secondly, they can easily distinguish a wolf from a dog or
coyote And then some kind of cross between all three of these species. Special
hit the hunters brown wool of a mysterious creature and his
short ears.

The background of this strange “hunting trophy” is:

Another May 16 near the private houses of the city of Denton on pasture
заметили то ли волка, то ли еще какое-то animal, которое
alerted people and made them turn for help to the authorities.
Soon, Sergeant Kyle Andersen, Head of the Wildlife Department
City Council, sent here two hunters, so that they understand,
what a predator scares livestock holders.

As soon as the photos hit the Internet through the site, on various paranormal and
In general, interesting phenomena in our lives, a lot of
comments. Strange animal так и не было никем
identified, however many users have concluded that
it is rather a bear (his cross) than a wolf. But there were more courageous
assumptions: dogman, werewolf, unknown to science
animal, пришелец из параллельного мира наподобие мифической
chupacabras, and so on.

The most interesting thing is that the mysterious creature was sent to
lab in bozeman (montana) a few days ago
(almost immediately after his shooting) for DNA analysis – with the aim of
find out what kind of animal does this one belong to?
mutant, or indeed an alien. And still no
The news, although the past week and over is an ample period,
so that scientists have their verdict. Not by chance with conspiracy
there was a suspicion that they were hiding something from people again …

For information, near Denton, as stated by local hunters, wolves
it was not noticed already quite a while ago, where did it come from
волкоподобное animal — вообще загадка…

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