In Moscow, presented flyingmotorcycle

Promising domestic company “HoverSurf”, engaged in
разработкой летающих motorcycleов (или по-научному ховербайков),
made a public test flight of his brainchild called
�”HoverBike Scorpion-3″. Presentation of the advanced Russian development
held on the race track “Moscow Raceway” in Volokolamsk district
Moscow region in front of hundreds of viewers.

Tests of innovative hoverbike took place during
international road racing circuit races. Pilot
поднял летающий motorcycle на высоту около метра и преодолел таким
way a kilometer above the highway. Numerous observers from
from different countries of the world came from this spectacle in real delight,
since before on the Russian autodrome nothing of the kind
was demonstrated.

It is reported that “HoverBike Scorpion-3” works on 4 powerful
electric motors. Управляется этот гибрид motorcycleа и
quadrocopter with two joysticks. Aircraft weight
the device is 150 kilograms, and a third of them
accounted for by the battery. So far hoverbikek develops
maximum speed of about 70 kilometers per hour and rises in
the air is not higher than 5 meters. Full battery lasts half an hour
flight, and recharge lasts 4 hours. Domestic craftsmen intend to
further improve each of these

In the future it is planned that “HoverBike Scorpion-3” will go to
sale. The cost of one unit will be 50-80 thousand

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