In New York, captured the mysterious manno mouth

Despite the fact that this news for several years, in its
she did not produce much success, and in the Russian segment
World Wide Web so unusual material then for the very
reason did not fall. Therefore, we decided to write now about it
strange incident.

In March 2012, a man was seen in New York who,
It looks like there was no mouth! How is this possible, you ask? We are not
we have no clue. Some will suggest that this is a victim
accident or a rare disease. Others will say that speech
is about a phantom or a stranger. Still others will certainly treat such
information skeptical, considering that the face of the mysterious
the individual was just a mask.

Somehow, a mysterious man who looked very scary,
was captured by passersby. Turning on the one below
the video, you can see how it goes along the sidewalk right in
side of an unknown operator, accidentally caught in the right
time in the right place. Заметив, что его снимают, «пешеход no mouth»
angrily striking the camera and quickly moving away. How from this
you can conclude he did not like the attention to his person that
not surprising.

The second video, filmed by someone secretly, demonstrates the same
�”Merotic person” passing again along the night street
New York in a couple of steps from the operator. Alleged ghost or
the alien seems to be very tense and looking around
on both sides. However, many World Wide Web users are prone
believing that it was nevertheless some kind of viral marketing or
some kind of hoax.

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