In November 2018, we are waiting for a complete reversalOf the earth

Andrey Tyunyaev, who is an academician of the All-Russian
public organization “Russian Academy of Natural Sciences”,
автор научного труда «Метафизика климата Of the earth» – книги, в которой
he substantiates a new concept, both the shape of our planet and
climate change mechanism.

По мнению российского ученого, полюса Of the earth уже давно меняют
its position, why on the planet various abnormal
phenomena, in particular, inexplicable heat or cold, which in
some areas have not been previously observed, for example, fallen snow
in the Sahara desert.

In November 2018, the next movement of the poles will occur.
Of the earth, однако люди неправильно понимают, как эти полюса устроены и
how to move. Here is how Tyunyaev explains it:

The earth is not a sphere, what convinces us
common doctrine, and the bowl, and this bowl is not two, but four
crosswise poles. The two poles are cold, they
located on the site of the North and South Poles, and two –
neutral (west and east), and these two poles are turning
around the center, which is located near the capital of Russia – Moscow.
Thanks to the change of poles, which occurs every 259 years,
the climate of the planet is changing. Another such change will happen just
in November 2018.

Лик Of the earth перевернется довольно шумно, мы даже услышим
powerful sound of such a turn of the planet. We hear these sounds now
– these are the so-called “trumpet voices” from heaven, since the poles are already
change their position. When a full upgrade occurs, then
The South and North Poles will have the same temperature as today
The United States or Japan, that is, in Antarctica will bloom
gardens, but Japan is covered with a thick layer of ice.

And although the research of Andrei Tyunyaev is very similar to
утверждения сторонников плоской Of the earth, его взгляд на устройство
our world is quite interesting. All this, of course, can be called
delirium, as many do, but the same delirium can be
designate and theory that we all live in a matrix, however it is in
lately, for some reason, it is becoming increasingly popular,
because much in our lives convinces us: perhaps it is
there is. So we suggest you to get acquainted with the theory of Andrew
Tyunyaev, at least out of sheer curiosity. It is possible that years
in twenty this doctrine our children and grandchildren will perceive
very different …

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