In one of the episodes of the old AmericanTV series found the ghost

One of the users of the famous social network “Reddit” made
interesting publication in the resource section dedicated to
supernatural phenomena. The man says that
recently reviewed the American comedy series “The Prince of
Beverly Hills, which went on US television screens from 1990 to 1996.
According to the viewer, he watched the second episode of the first season of this
sitcom when I suddenly noticed something suspicious in the frame and
perhaps even frightening.

When the hero on the estate of Jezz opens the cabinet, in the dark inside
furniture product suddenly shows a pale human face.
An ominous face literally soars in the air above the character. Unfortunately,
the scene lasts only a few seconds, so the intended
ghost can be seen in the frame very short. The author of the find
quite surprised that no one has ever discovered this anomaly in
Once popular multiseries, who made a star from Will Smith.
Although, perhaps, if such attentive viewers were, they
took this person for something ordinary in the frame: you never know what
directors will come up with …

Users of “Reddit” also immediately began to build various
materialistic theories. Some commentators believe that
cameraman camera lens hit mask, sculpt bust or
any other props. For others, this is a common
paradolic illusion, and for the mysterious “face” in the closet we
we accept random things that were there from this angle
so fancy look. No wonder pareidolia is considered the most
common explanation for any “devilry” falling on
Photo and video.

However, the other site regulars agreed with the author.
publications, considering that this is indeed a mystical phenomenon, not
amenable to rational explanation. And the fact that a possible phantom
materialized on the set of the comedy show, lends, say, this
the stories are even more poignant. Maybe in this studio once died
an actor, and his spirit visited in the 90th place of his sudden death …

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