In Paraguay, the Chupacabra tried to attackhuman

Mysterious, almost mythical predator Chupacabra, drinking blood from
domestic animals and birds, has never been nor normally shot on
movie camera, much less caught or even killed. Just like
Bigfoot or, say, Nessie, why are independent
cryptozoologists believe that they all come to us from parallel

No, of course, on the expanses of the Internet can be found
photographs with corpses or remains of the same chupacabra, but none
the scientist (despite the presence of DNA examination) failed to prove that
it is an unknown beast. Orthodoxy from science or silent,
or something to hide, and at this time a predatory chupacabra with an amazing
agility and mysticism appears in that in one, then in the other
the end of the world.

Now she was noticed in Paraguay. Moreover this time it
the mythical predator tried to attack the farmer Francisco Molinas from
the city of Los Sedrales, which had never happened before.
True, this time the man first attacked the chupacabra, starting into it
shoot, which, apparently, and followed by a response from
this night predator.

And it was like that. One night of the current month, the rancher
Paraguayan Francisco Molinas, concerned about the howling of his dog, took
rifle, lantern and went out into the yard, in order to see what happened on
the farm. Not far from the sheepdog, he found one of his goats dead with
wound to the neck. Lighting the space in search of a predator with a flashlight,
who could do it, the farmer saw six others
mortified pets.

And then … a flashlight beam snatched from the darkness of the night a strange monster,
paralyzing a man with the eyes of his sinister red eyes.

It cost me a lot of work, recalls Francisco, to take myself in
hands and overcome animal fear, literally grabbed my throat,
although I never sent a guy from a timid ten. Therefore, already in
the next moment (although it seemed to me that it was almost
eternity), I raised my rifle and made some shots at this
creature. But the monster, it seems, was not afraid of earthly bullets, they only
provoked and angered him, which is why he was ready to pounce on
me. The blessing at this time arrived my son with a shotgun and opened
fire on the predator, why he had to retreat …

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