In Peru, dug up wooden figures of “guardians”civilization Chimu

Pre-Columbian civilization Chimu, like its main city
(state Chimor) – Chan Chan, flourished in modern territory
Chile from about the 10th century until the year 1470, when
the dominant “megalopolis” of that time with 60 thousand people (not
less than 10 thousand houses) was conquered and partially destroyed by the Incas.

And although the Incas did not destroy the statehood of Chimor, making it
only vassal power, the city of Chan Chan itself from that time began
gradually decay. Finally destroyed it already
Spanish conquistadors.

Archaeologists have long and carefully studied the ruins of this once
a prosperous city (the largest in pre-Columbian South America
period) quite a developed ancient civilization. In 1986, Chan Chan
even included in the register of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

And just recently, archaeologists discovered something amazing here.
– black wooden figures with a height of 70 centimeters, and all of them – in
white masked. As scientists have suggested, these were “keepers”
who protected the city from all sorts of misfortunes. Discovered
the researchers of these amazing “keepers” in one of the rooms in
the niches of the wall were nineteen mysterious statuettes.

Note that the rulers of the state of Chimor had something to protect,
Since the city of Chan Chan kept considerable reserves of gold,
silver, it was also distinguished by its rich pottery and other sturdy
handicrafts. However, the “keepers”, despite the beliefs
in them Chimu, could not protect the city from the Incas …

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