In Poland, first filmed a UFO video

Unlike the United States, aliens don’t like Poland very much
their attention, at least, UFOs are rarely seen here, and
they shoot “flying saucers” on photo and video cameras and even less.
Therefore, the current UFO video obtained by a resident of the city
Schelno, you can call this luck.

According to the portal iReactor, interested in the material
Polish novice ufologist, it can be said first
sufficiently high quality footage of unidentified flying
objects in the sky over Poland. The man took it off the suburban
settlement. Here is how he told about this unique case:

A strange object, not like a plane or even a drone,
circled over the village for about ten minutes. At first I did not pay him
attention: well, something flies in the sky and let yourself fly. Then
I remembered that, on November 25, a UFO was seen in this area, however
nobody succeeded – only oral stories were preserved. therefore
I hurried to get a smartphone and capture the “flying saucer” on
video. Unfortunately, this is not professional photography, so it’s not
blame me …

A resident of Stschelno did not even know what his video would be for
Poland’s unique, despite the poor quality of the video.
Such material still became a find for local ufologists, and
experts in the world are interested in this video: it is interesting that
attracted aliens in this country and specifically near
cities, if they flew around Poland earlier? ..

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