In Rostov-on-Don glows mysteriouslyland

Residents of the residential district Suvorov in Rostov-on-Don last
several nights witness a strange phenomenon. In one
from the local pits at the construction site after sunset
the dirt starts to glow. It is worth beginning to gather twilight, as
жидкая land в яме принимается излучать неестественное свечение.
A resident of a five-story house nearby captured this anomaly.
on video – you can watch it below.

Some users of the Runet say that the fault is radioactive
substances in an unknown way fell into the pit. According to
other, all this is the purest mystic: maybe in this place
there was once a cemetery. Still others believe that the mud in the pit
just reflects the rays from nearby structures.

Rostov claim in response that all these theories can not stand
critics First, the “mystical” glow is visible from any angle,
and not just one (from which the video was shot). On radioactivity
dirt, however, was not checked, but a place for construction
chosen and thoroughly prepared by experts. A graveyard
never been here. And even if it turned out to be an ancient burial,
it would have revealed the remains of people when digging the pit, which is also not
it turned out. In general, the mystery …

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