In Rostov-on-Don photographed a native withof the world

The mystical and frightening story happened recently on
Paramonovskiy warehouses – a complex of warehouses of the 19th century in
Rostov-on-Don. A group of locals visited this monument
federal significance, and one of the campers succeeded,
предположительно, сфотографировать выходца с of the world,
materialized under the ground.

According to public figure Alexander Sushkov,
Monday, December 18, he led a tour here for several
townspeople. Rostov many hours walked around the complex,
looking at various buildings and taking lots of pictures. No one
I did not even suspect that I would meet there with a horrible ghost,
able to provide any impressionable person for a long time

At some point, Alexander and his sightseers found themselves in
underground ventilation gallery. Suddenly in a powerful beam of a flashlight
between the narrow walls instantly appeared pale human
a figure with a disproportionately small head. Sinister stranger
stood back to Rostovites and did not move at all. Naturally,
the whitish silhouette was seriously startled and to some extent paralyzed
participants of the tour, but one of them did manage to
Capture the phantom in the picture.

Skeptics in Russian social networks suggest that it was
some homeless man in a dungeon, but witnesses
the appearance of the “homeless” strongly disagree with this hypothesis.
How did he get there in a split second? Why did he have such
unnatural look? Why did not react to people? All this
It looks like a real paranormal. And then, as they say,
Witnesses, the ghost just disappeared. Did not run away, did not hide, but
literally melted before my eyes …

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