In Russia, a fundamentally new plasma was rocket engine

Passed the flight tests of a unique plasma engine
SPD-140 series for space rockets, as reported by the press Nikolai
Testoyedov – the head of the ISS named after M. Reshetnev.

This is how the leader of this presenter described him.
enterprises of the Russian Federation to create spacecraft:

SPD-140 high-power plasma engine successfully showed
yourself in ground tests about a month ago. And now he
passed flight tests as part of one of the European satellites –
again, excellent. So in our next projects we
We will put such engines on Russian rockets, because
The SPD-140 with a weight of about 56 grams will increase it as a whole compared to
past rocket engines at least 7 times, which means
the same amount will reduce the time for dovevyvaniya rocket. This is bye
The only engine with such a high burden.

Recall that the Kurchatov Institute, together with
�”Design Bureau of Chemical Automation” (subdivision “NPO
Energomash “) since 2016 has been working on the creation of electrodeless
plasma rocket engine. It seems that soon we will hear and
about this unique brainchild of Russian designers …

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