In Russia, created an innovative “battery”electric energy bordering on fiction

Russia has created a unique, simply revolutionary, system
energy storage, which in everyday life people most often call
battery or rechargeable battery.

GS Group holding under the brand GS Electric presented such
supercapacitor of a new generation, which is created entirely on
the basis of Russian developments. For the first time a unique battery was
shown at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018,
which was recently held in the northern capital of Russia.

A new device made exclusively from domestic
components, it is an environmentally friendly product that does not require
some kind of special disposal because it is absolutely harmless to
the environment. In addition, the battery is highly efficient.
operate at temperatures ranging from -60 to +150 degrees

But the main advantage of this capacitor is that
it, unlike today’s batteries, is charging almost
instantly, accumulates a huge charge, different speed
electrical energy and is able to work without maintenance and
replacements of 15 years and more. For comparison: modern
Li-Ion battery can withstand up to 7500 at best.
charge cycles, and the GS Electric supercapacitor — 200,000 or more without
the slightest deterioration in the characteristics of his work. Fiction yes and
only! So great and wise Russia, as clearly
demonstrated the SPIEF, there is something to show and have something to be proud of
in addition to its unrivaled weapons …

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