In Russia, learned to manage technologyNATO?

Scientists from the Russian concern Radio Electronics Technologies
will be able to control the electronics of the enemy. How did it become
possible, will show REN TV.

June 22, 2017 on one of the NATO ships during exercises in
Black Sea refused navigation devices. Judging by the coordinates
GPS, a US military vessel turned up on land, in the area
Gelendzhik. Soon, these systems showed that in Gelendzhik
�”Set off” another 20 Alliance ships. Americans immediately stated
that the Russian cyber attack is to blame.

Does Russia have weapons with such capabilities, REN journalists
TV found out from Vladimir Mikheev, advisor to the deputy general director of the concern
�”Radio-electronic technology.” Turned out to be a control interceptor
does exist, but its name and principle of action

�“You can enter the management system of our potential
opponents and a little there, so to speak, to gossip, – said
about the novelty Vladimir Mikheev. – Record a team there that
landed their drone on our airfield, gave them false aircraft
data and he would get lost in space and could not perform his
task. “

Russian weapons of the future: at sea, on land, in the air

Возможности новой российской техники покажет РЕН
в документальном проекте «Русское оружие
будущего: на море, на суше, в воздухе»
. Viewers will see
What weapons will go to the Russian army after modernization and
what novelties our military already have.

From what distance does the Krasuha-4 complex “jam” all drones and
enemy satellites?

How does the electromagnetic rocket “Alabuga” destroy
electronics for 4 km around?

Why is the Russian fleet being transferred from large ships to small ones?

Where will the atomic drones be used?

What are Russian military lasers capable of?

Why do US journalists believe that hurricanes over their country
are the Russians guilty?

Why is the CIA hastily gaining Russian-speaking employees?

And who preys on Russian programmers in all countries
the world?

See the documentary special project of REN TV “Russian
оружие of the future: at sea, on land, in the air. “

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