In Russia, they plan to dilute conventional fuelby water

Scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Russia claim that fuel is quite possible.
разбавлять by water, причем такая смесь намного эффективнее горючего в
its pure form.

This is the conclusion reached by the developers of new sources.
energy of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Russian
Scientists, writes Proceedings of the Combustion Institute,
managed to combine water and fuel so that it turned out combustible
emulsion, superior to the original fuel in all respects, and

  • firstly, the consumption of the fuel itself is significantly reduced,
    and this can already be considered the main achievement of this development;
  • secondly, the engine power increases
    combustion (DVZ), especially at high speeds;
  • thirdly, the life of the motor is prolonged;
  • and finally, this combined fuel is ecologically more
    clean, and both in terms of the release of toxic substances into the environment
    environment, and as a result of the meager consumption of hydrocarbons at
    the same efficiency.

The whole “trick” in this case is that scientists
succeeded by adding surfactants to the mixture
to ensure that water, even with a large amount of water in this
emulsion, does not extinguish the flame, but participates in the chemical reaction itself
combustion. Moreover, according to the developers, the volume of water can
bring in this mixture to 95 percent.

In modern DVZ, experts say Institute of RAS, fuel
burned extremely inefficiently, most of it is spent on
engine cylinder cooling. In the case of a combustible water emulsion
the role of the cooler is assumed by the water – and this problem goes away,
so this is another plus of use in internal engines
сгорания не бензин или дизтопливо, а именно эмульсии с by water. TO
Moreover, such emulsions can be prepared not only on the basis of
hydrocarbons, say Russian scientists …

All this may seem fantastic, but in history
amazing inventions, you can recall the experience of a certain Portuguese
Andres, who at the beginning of the last century emigrated to the United States and
here offered a similar fuel-water emulsion, which is more than
successfully passed the test during the rally “Washington – New York –
Washington”. But … here’s the problem: a unique fluid
Andres needed only a few drops on a bucket of water to make this
volume turned into fuel, far superior to gasoline.
It is clear that some of the oil magnates did not like it very much, and
the great inventor … just disappeared without a trace along with his
the discovery …

Let’s hope that such a fate will not befall the Russian
scientists, and even more on the fact that the unprecedented discovery of them is not
will be put on the shelf …

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