In Saudi Arabia, found the mysterious “stoneportals

�“Stone portals” were, of course, called by journalists;
no one really knows the exact purpose of these mysterious ones,
apparently man-made structures, randomly discovered by scientists in the highlands
Harrat-Khaybar – in the territory of no less mysterious desert
lava fields of saudi arabia.

To date, researchers have reported, as stated in
Newsweek edition, about four hundred stone buildings, and they
different shapes – from rectangular to perfectly round. Their length also
varies greatly, from 13 to 518 meters.
That’s what the professor at Oxford David says.

This is a very interesting find, not only for archaeologists,
but also ufologists. First, these stone buildings are thousands of years old,
we have not yet established the exact date of their construction, but offhand
it is understandable – here it “smells” of a deep gray old. Secondly, yourself
Bedouins call them “the creations of ancient people,” while clearly
emphasizing that those “ancient” were much more powerful and wiser
now living. And finally, it is not at all clear what role in
the lives of those “ancient” played these stone creations, maybe, at the very
business were portals to other worlds, as some have suggested
journalists? ..

Note that similar mysterious structures are found in other
странах Ближнего востока, однако «каменные portals нагорья
Harrat-Khaybar of Saudi Arabia, apparently, is much older
previous similar findings. Therefore, scientists impose on them
certain hopes associated primarily with the definition
purpose of such structures. After all, it still remains a mystery
since, apart from assumptions and hypotheses, a scientific explanation
the appearance of such mysterious structures as there was not, and there is still no
then …

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