In Scotland, there is a mysterious bridge, which killeddogs

Not everyone knows that in the Scottish city of Dumbarton.
(West Dunbartonshire district) there is a mysterious bridge that
According to local residents, has ominous supernatural

15 m tall Overton Bridge, built in 1895
and decorated by martyrs, is notorious for being
a total of over 600 dogs have jumped in the last 70 years,
many of which crashed to death.

No one knows what caused such strange behavior of ours.
четвероногих друзей, однако то, что dogs имеют свойство
Jumping off this structure is a scientifically proven fact.
Experts have long been interested in the Overton Bridge
trying to solve his secret. It is known for certain that
animals jump from the same place, always in clear weather, and
most often we are talking about representatives of breeds with long muzzles.

City employees were even forced to install here
a sign warning dog owners about a dangerous property
bridge and calling them to use leashes. However, it is not
stops stray animals whose dead bodies periodically find
down below.

Famous canine psychologist David Sands has been researching for months.
this place, however did not make any weighty conclusions. According to
one hypothesis of a specialist, dogs are attracted by the musky smell of urine
living under the mink bridge. Другая версия гласит, что dogs, не
discriminating colors, fall down by chance, because the local landscape
animals are seen quite differently than us, and they do not observe
the difference between the bridge and its background.

Local author Paul Owens totally disagrees with
the materialistic conclusions of Dr. Sands. Writer spent
own investigation and determined that dumbarton is
a unique place where ever since the Middle Ages are fixed
numerous paranormal phenomena.

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