In Sevastopol, over the Cossack Bay flewUFO

Attention of aliens to the Crimea was always noted by ufologists, and
сегодня здесь видят UFO все чаще и чаще, например, совсем недавно
We were told that Crimeans watched “wandering lights” in
evening sky near the construction of the Kerch bridge. And quite
недавно UFO сняли над Казачьей бухтой Севастополя (смотрите

And although the video is amateur, completely unimportant in quality, it
attracted the attention of many ufologists and general web users
the Internet. True, skeptics were immediately found, finding that
�The “flying saucer” Sevastopol took the bird or even the trail from
the aircraft. A very unfortunate comparison, I must say, because
video, despite its poor quality, weirdly visible
an object in the sky, and it does not look like a bird at all, much less
some kind of foggy trail in the sky.

Opinion on this is about Ivan Parfentyev – deputy director of the GKU
�”Center for the provision of civil protection measures”:

To us, no official reports of strange objects over
Sevastopol did not arrive. Personally, I don’t really trust all of this.
разговорам и любительским материалам об UFO и инопланетянах. it
all the same that the stories about ghosts and cemetery horror stories …

But Alexander Lesovsky, who runs astronomical
кружком в городе-герое, более серьезно относится к UFO, считая, что
aliens have long been watching us, and their aircraft –
become already commonplace in our lives. True about the case
появления UFO над Казачьей бухтой города он не слышал:

But it may well be, says an astronomer scientist, for example, above
Chersonesus, they appear quite often, according to my calculations, should
fly again just the other day. But most often you can
we observe in Sevastopol anomalous phenomena caused either
aliens, or someone else or something, in the sky over the camp
�”Mountain”. From August to November here often appear in the sky.
translucent glowing discs. They are small in size but
very remarkable and completely unexplored – no one knows
even their nature.

By the way, the children of the camp always react very emotionally to these
странные UFO, появляющиеся из-за горизонта, тут же приписывая их
aliens. I first tried to sensitize the guys, explaining that,
perhaps there are no “green men” and there is no need to hammer them
my head. And then I thought: let them fantasize, let them believe, even
if not, then such a belief is better than materialistic nihilism.
Но, похоже, что UFO и пришельцы — это далеко не выдумка
ufologists …

And this can be confirmed not only by the current
video material, but also numerous other meetings of the Crimean people with something
неизведанным и запредельным, в том числе с UFO, прорывами в
parallel worlds, mythical creatures like yeti or
Karadag snake and other anomalies that do not fit in
academic framework of ideas about the world around us. In Crimea,
apparently, it is even more “thin” and “transparent” …

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