In South Africa, the kitty is growing up with twomuzzles

In the Republic of South Africa was born kitten (kitty) with two
muzzles. The owner, on the one hand, did not want to be a murderer and
drown the unfortunate animal, on the other – afraid to leave such
extraordinary creature, because he believed that it is unlikely anyone will covet
on this freak.

But he was wrong: the man took the cat to the veterinary clinic, and here
just found a mistress for this unique pet.
Более того, новая хозяйка кошечки с двумя muzzles, не только
the baby was coming out (since the kitten was cut off from the mother and his
I had to feed the first days almost with a pipette), but also gave her
wonderful nickname – Bettie Bee (Betty Bee).

Betty Bee’s amazing little face with her beautiful “name”
attracted the attention of many female volunteer acquaintances, therefore
she soon created a page on the social network Facebook that
and called – Bettie Bee. Today behind the development of a fantastic
cats, which is only one and a half weeks old, are being watched over 25 thousand
Internet users who wish to join this
community is added every day.

People relate differently to this unusual creature: someone
sorry for the cat, someone thinks that she, on the contrary, was very lucky and
her unusual appearance will allow her to “live comfortably” live full and
happy life, someone does not believe that such an animal will survive
(long live). In any case, the kitten is still universal.
Affection and delight, and this is the most important thing. We wish him to grow
healthy and really happy, no matter what …

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