In South America, something strange is happening withclouds

Residents of one of the small cities of Brazil watched yesterday
downright fantastic heavenly phenomenon: in a cloudless sky
suddenly there was a huge orange cloud that literally
sense forced to raise the gaze up all those who were at this time
on the street.

Fabulous cloud fascinated and scarecrow at the same time, it seemed,
that something terrible and irreparable is about to happen now.
However, the cloud only surprised Brazilians and also mysteriously melted,
as it appeared, as if someone painted it in the sky, and then

What it was, no one knows, even the experienced
meteorologists. Someone thinks it’s somehow related to meteorites,
who – with aliens. The most plausible version seems to people
that it’s just a dust tornado, a cloud of orange dust,
raised in the nearby wilderness.

But what is alarming: on August 15, something similar was observed in
neighboring country – Argentina, however, the record in the event was carried out in
it is dark and therefore the color of the stream
It is not known what is difficult to determine, but something similar in these
there are phenomena. And, according to independent researchers, on
raised dust these two natural phenomena are not very similar, most likely
some kind of warning that residents of South America are served

If in the near future something like this happens here.
once, then it will be possible to speak already about signs above, for example, about
approaching catastrophe, while people are at a loss –
what is this fiction?

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