In South Carolina photographedchupacabra

Doug Stewart photographed an unknown animal near
Country Club Santee Cooper in South Carolina. Received
American pictures show hairless dog-like beast
with gray skin. And although many users of the World Wide Web
believe that this is a coyote or fox with scabies, the author of images
convinced that the legendary camera got into the lens of his smartphone
the chupacabra is either at least her cub.

A man says he calmly played golf when
the mysterious creature approached the field and began to sniff out something on
the earth. Our hero was taken aback at first, but then carefully removed from
pocket phone and three times photographed an uninvited guest. Strange
the animal calmly urinated on the bushes and, without showing to man
no aggression, as well as attention, quickly retired.
Stewart, who immediately lost interest in golf, began to spread
received photos on the Internet.

Received Дагом снимки заинтересовали работников местного
Department of Wildlife and the Environment. Experts agree
with the opinion of Internet users that this is representative of the family
canine suffering from scabies. Jay Butfiloski
explains that infectious skin disease is caused
parasitic mites, and an animal that has this disease
developed so strongly, will surely die either from the secondary
infections, either from hunger, or from both, if not
catch and not cure.

Catch a sick animal, of course, you can, it’s not mystical
Chupacabra, however, hunters on the mysterious monster there where
more than a sick coyote or fox …

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