In space, plan to send onlyof women

And what about the situation in space … well, with this … sex? When in 1963
a representative
the beautiful sex, this delicate question seriously occupied the minds of many

After all, between heterosexual cosmonauts who are in close
space in orbit, there must be a certain
sexual tension – so arranged man. And if the ISS is still
you can suffer, then what do colonists who fly in
future to mars and other planets? Will the unofficial be allowed
relationship between crew members?

Unexpectedly, it turned out that no “that” in space
may not be. Former British astronaut Helen Sharmen,
recently speaking at the London Science Festival “New Scientist
Festival, accidentally or deliberately revealed one important
mystery concerning the upcoming expedition to the Red Planet.
It turns out, in vain uninitiated minds intensely discuss prospects.
intima in space – scientists intend to deprive astronauts of such

Почему of womenы-космонавты лучше мужчин?

It turns out that NASA and the European Space Agency have long been
concluded that sexual relations between astronauts during
the time of such expeditions is unacceptable because they will be fraught
conflicts and, most importantly, pregnancy. In addition, a person in
such a situation can not think clearly. It will be necessary to think
only about fulfilling a mission, not about romance.

To eliminate sex between star savers, NASA and ESA scientists
decided to send a same-sex crew to the Red Planet. Well
after thinking, the experts came to the conclusion that the astronauts should be
of womenами традиционной ориентации. Ladies, according to Sharmen, like
usually executive, hardworking and non-conflicting. They are able
work well in a team and do not have the habit of fighting for
leadership. In addition, the weaker sex
suffer from lack of sex that will allow them to maintain clarity

Remember the science fiction novel “The Andromeda strain”, in
which states that unmarried men take in difficult
Is the situation the right decision much more often than other people?
American scientists recently conducted a study and determined that
таким же качеством обладают гетеросексуальные of womenы в коллективе,
entirely composed of them. And this is a reality, unlike the famous
works of Michael Crichton.

Is there really no intima space?

В космос летали сотни мужчин и десятки of women, однако никто из
those who left Earth in space shuttles and space stations are not
reported on space activities in love. Even the Americans Mark Lee and
Jen Davis, who in 1992 became the first husband and wife on one
the spacecraft did not confess to something like that. Either sex
in orbit really is not, or similar information is hidden from
inquisitive public.

Meanwhile, many scientists note that sex is
space is very difficult. The fact is that in the absence of
gravity blood is poorly directed to the lower part of the human body.
In other words, to achieve a full-fledged erection man will
almost impossible. Instead, blood rushes more to
astronauts head and neck – that is why the astronomers
the faces swell in orbit and veins swell around the necks.

However, a few years ago one of the representatives
the US National Space Agency reported that
a formal ban on making love outside of our
�There is no “blue ball”. NASA leadership simply believes that
the astronauts themselves must understand that in the ship should behave
decently and not to give in to instincts. Still, they are on
service, and in the service should work, and not indulge in love

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