In Sri Altai, the Scythian harp will be recreated and madeplay

This unique harp, which delighted the ear of the Scythians in the V century before
AD, archaeologists found in 1947 in the Altai Mountains –
directly during the excavation of the Pazyryk barrow. And so
now, 70 years later, scientists and musicians of Altai decided not just
recreate this musical instrument as it was two
половиной тысяч лет, но и заставить его play.

As reported by Interfax-Sibir Agency, for these purposes
a special music studio-workshop was created in the republic.
The first step in recreating a unique harp was to study the original,
which is stored in the Hermitage, then the music studio will be engaged
experimental works with sound and enrichment of the Scythian harp
new acoustic properties.

Note that attempts to recreate a unique Scythian harp
attempted before, but none of them was crowned
by success. As they say today’s organizers of the new music
studio-workshop, the cause of failure was a complete mismatch
materials from which the tool was recreated, the original. Now
experts who will be engaged in this archival and extremely complicated matter,
visited St. Petersburg (Hermitage), studied the harp before
the smallest details (even from what its strings are made), and
because there is complete confidence that the unique Scythian harp,
it will finally be recreated and will sound like it has been sung for many centuries

After the harp is recreated and presented, in Altai
plan to create an experimental music platform for
learning to play this old instrument. Finally, in
the harp is waiting for exhibitions, presentations, participation in international
festivals and celebrations where this musical instrument will not
just a decoration of events, and a kind of “live voice” from
deep antiquity.

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