In St. Petersburg there is a place in the fourthmeasurement

Of course, no one will give you an absolute guarantee that
rotunda on Gorohovaya street in the very center of St. Petersburg, – this
really mystical place that even has access to
the underworld, however, about this mysterious structure of the house of the graph
Zubova go the most mysterious and even terrible rumors.

Some researchers of paranormal phenomena are convinced that this
far from rumors, because there are many facts, stories and legends,
who, they say, prove that something very

The mystical rotunda of Zubov’s house (a three-story building on the corner
the streets of Gorokhovaya and the Fontanka River) has long been overgrown with
legends, some of which just thrill. For example,
it is believed that at night it is quite possible to meet the Devil himself,
since Count Zubov was a great freemason who managed to open a portal in
четвертое measurement и выпустить из этих врат обитателей мира Тьмы и
Horror. And so in this rotunda, they say, in no case can not
stay in the dark, otherwise you can go crazy quickly
grow old or even say goodbye to life or even disappear without

Another legend: the rotunda on Gorokhovaya is one of six such
structures of St. Petersburg, which together form a pentagram,
considered an occult symbol of Satanists.

From an architectural point of view, it’s just
front door. But why did you need a rotunda here? On the first floor
there are no apartments at all, the second floor, as such, does not exist, but
on the third floor there are three apartments in this house.

The very appearance of this mysterious rotunda emphasizes the ritual,
and not its practical purpose. That feeling right away
intensifies as soon as you start climbing the helical
iron ladder with a left twist, which, frankly,
leads nowhere … Maybe in a parallel world
shadows? ..

As far as all this information is correct, we leave it to your judgment and your
critical mind But the rotunda of the house of Count Zubov (according to official data
This building was built in 1827 by order of the famous Russian
merchant Ustinov, then the house, allegedly, moved to A.F. Evmentyev) –
special place and without any mysticism. This place has always attracted lovers.
the thrill is not only something supernatural, but also
amazing acoustics of this building. For example, считается, что если
stand facing the wall of the rotunda and whisper something softly then echo
even this rustling of speech will pick up and, having rounded the room, will return to you

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