In Stonehenge, the sun has risen by 45 degreesnorth than usual

June 21 for Stonehenge is an annual significant event
since on the eve of dawn on that day (summer day
solstice) here, in Wiltshire, thousands of tourists come
from all over Albion and various parts of our planet.
They are going with one goal – to mark the shortest night of the year and
meet the dawn of the longest day.

In fact, an ancient pagan festival is celebrated, and it is held
in the legendary monument of the Neolithic era, in the “place of special power” of our
planets, especially since scientists recently proved that two
the stones of this fantastic structure were polished for
millions of years before the Neolithic …

This year more than 25 thousand pagan worshipers gathered here.
rite that was just astounding. Enough to say that
last year’s attendance result for Stonehenge on June 21 was at
two times less. Maybe this is somehow related to the fact that shortly before
of this, namely on June 17 of this year, not far from Stonehenge
A mysterious circle appeared on the field in Wiltshire.

All this crowd of thousands of tourists danced and sang all night
songs, people jumped over fires, drank delicious wines and from the heart
having fun, and in the morning traditionally watched the sunrise in one of
arches megalithic structure (see video below).

And none of the guests even noticed (however, this is impossible
notice at the festival) that this year is the dawn at Stonehenge
demonstrated a strange anomaly, which we saw a little later
just observant American bloggers.

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