In Sweden, began mass chippingpeople

Over three thousand citizens of Sweden implanted microchips into their hands,
with which you can pay for purchases and services, and
also open the doors of their cars, houses, offices and do many
other things without resorting to electronic cards, which in contrast
Chip can be lost, “give” a thief, and so on.

A microchip implanted under the skin allows a person to
to manage in the modern world without a wallet and keys – enough
each time bring your hand to a special contactless
reader – and that’s it. Convenience is available, what is not
перестают повторять сторонники чипирования people и особенно — его
propagandists and organizers.

While this procedure is carried out exclusively voluntarily,
however, world conspiracy therapists are already frowning, claiming that
someday the chipping of citizens will certainly be forced,
as in some anti-utopian novel, because it’s convenient in
первую очередь глобалистам, стремящихся сделать people послушным
herd of sheep.

It is noteworthy that these technologies are not particularly new.
Back in 2015, European and American vets began
to offer its customers to implant domestic dogs and cats under the skin
similar chips so that the owners always have the opportunity to find
their four-legged friends. And it really gave its
positive results by allowing some americans to find
their lost pets. True, one thing – animals
the other is the people …

Convenience chips above freedom

The Swedes who agreed to this procedure, probably at least a little
reflect on the fact that now their every step can also be
easy to track how easy it is to open them with this chip
door or get money from an ATM.

True, the average person in modern society and
so several times a day makes purchases, enjoys public
transport, visits various places, using for this
electronic card. And whenever the carrier of such a card
something pays for it, information about it is immediately sent to the “Big
Brother “or at least various corporations that collect
similar data, say, for advertising and much more. Chip in this
case only increases this dependence on “secret surveillance” in
repeatedly. And no more than that, at least they assure us so
supporters of chipping

The saddest thing in the opinion of the conspiracy therapists is that people go
on such a step of their own accord, voluntarily agreeing always
be visible to your government or private companies. Comfort
life for the modern man – above all, above even
own freedom …

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