In Switzerland, the sale of cutlets fromworms

Next week in Switzerland, they will start selling meat products,
made of insects. �”Coop” – the second largest Swiss
supermarket chain – decided to take such an unusual step after
the fact that officials in a European country revised laws on
product safety.

Котлеты, тефтели, фрикадельки и гамбургеры из мучных worms уже
in a few days will go to the shelves of stores in Zurich,
Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lausanne and other major cities of this
of the state. Produce local products will be local
startup company “Essento”.

Thus, Switzerland will become the first European Union country, where
insect food will be sold. In May of this year, they accepted
law that allowed the sale of food
на основе мучных worms, кузнечиков и сверчков.

These creatures are considered safe for human consumption.
for food, are bred under strict control on special farms.
Only the fifth generation of insects is considered suitable for
manufacturing food, so growing such
Unusual raw materials for “meat products” takes several months.
However, it is still faster than growing pigs and even more

Many scientists from all over the world report that meat from
insect is a product of the future that will solve the problem
world hunger and make humanity abandon breeding
mammals “for meat”. First, it is inhuman, and second,
too expensive, thirdly, livestock is one of
The main reasons for creating a greenhouse effect on our planet. AND
finally, beef, and even more so pork, more harm
a human body than a favor. According to doctors and
nutritionists, “meat products” from insects are much more useful for
man, well, the taste of such food, as gourmets say,
quite consistent with generally accepted ideas about meat
dishes …

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