In Syria, filmed frightening triangular UFO

Despite the fact that this remarkable event occurred 4 years
ago, numerous ufologists in the world wide web became interested
im only today. In September 2013 over the Syrian city
Palmyra seemed two unidentified flying object triangular
forms. UFOs clearly interacted with each other and were not afraid
catch the eye of witnesses. One eyewitness shot “flying
plates “on the camera of your mobile phone.

The following video received by the unknown
Syrian shows two mysterious identical objects
grappled with each other in the sky. Soon the third flies up to them.
the aircraft is much smaller. According to researchers,
it could be a helicopter whose pilot was interested in the appearance
triangular ships above the ground. When the intended helicopter
approaches “flying saucers” and makes a maneuver overflight, UFO
split, turning in the air, showing the lights in their
lower parts, and begin to fly away.

What interested UFOs in Syria is understandable, probably, to everyone.
Mysterious aliens do not disregard any point on
The land where military operations are taking place. As a rule, they are just
watch, not interfering in the events and intentions of people. Just like
the gods, it is no wonder that in ancient times their people were considered deities,
worshiped them and even wrote icons from them …

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