In Texas, a convoy transported “flyinga plate

Johnny Grimes, who lives in the town of Whitsboro, became
last week the unexpected witness is quite unusual and
intriguing picture. According to the American, he was driving in the morning of June 2
local highway 377 and at some point noticed on the counter
lane a few police cars and motorcycles. They escorted
a truck that was carrying a large object, suspiciously similar
на классическую «летающую a plate.

The amazed witness managed to get his smartphone once
take a picture of the mysterious cavalcade. Having done that, Grimes right there
removed the gadget, so that the harsh law enforcement officers did not notice that he
shoots their convoy on camera as it could well turn around
certain troubles.

According to an eyewitness, the width of the alleged alien ship
was at least 7 meters. Mysterious procession moved
incredibly fast, while the police are also constantly urged
the column. Fortunately for Grimes and other curious Americans,
the guards of this strange cargo didn’t pay any attention to
cars whose drivers were quite surprised by what was happening on

Opinion of Internet users is divided about the fact that
it could be. However, few believed that the military could
to transport a real UFO, most likely, some kind of new assembly
drone, or simply a detail for a modern aircraft
apparatus. Otherwise, all this would not happen during the day, and moreover
secret setting.

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