In the American church, the statue of the Virgin “cried”Mary’s

In the US city of Hobbs, New Mexico, there was
recorded an amazing phenomenon. В местном Храме Девы Mary’s
Guadalupe unexpectedly zamotochila statue. From the eyes of the statue
flowed oily liquid with a floral scent, that is, dripped
christian aromatic oil miro

People in the church found this phenomenon real.
religious miracle. Parishioners began to baptize and fix
a divine revelation taking place on the camera phones.
Americans even wiped tears from the face of the Virgin, however
continued to protrude from the eyes of the statue, surprising and admiring

The news spread like lightning through the city, and then around
the state. Believers began to flock to the church to see for themselves
the supposed miracle. The news shook the Christians greatly. One man
from a neighboring state even removed his five children from school
activities to go with them to Hobbs.

Из-за небывалого наплыва прихожан Храм Девы Mary’s Гваделупской в
currently working around the clock. Of course, soon about
what happened happened and superior church ranks. True,
representatives of the catholic church are in no hurry to believe in miracles on
words and even considering the genuine mass agiotage. According to them,
first, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination, since often
it all happens to be a figment of the believers imagination or happens by
quite understandable physical reasons, that is, without any
divine miracle.

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