In the Amur region, a six-year-old boy found inforest treasure

It is believed that the treasures of their owners are not just safely buried, but
they also speak, which is why hidden jewels and gold are like
escape treasure hunters, sometimes in a mystical way right on
their eyes are falling deeper into the ground.

However, there are also happy instances when treasures are like
sent to man above. That is exactly what happened to six years
a boy who recently drove with his parents by car through the woods in
Amur region, when the child wanted to go to the toilet. Father
sent the little boy into the bushes, giving him a hand (more likely for a joke)
a portable spatula so that he buried after himself created in the forest

However, when Nikita, 6, started digging, he came across
a piece of cloth. Curiosity took up, and the boy continued
dig up is something that ultimately turned out to be small
treasure of gold coins and jewelry.

Nikita called parents. Father, немного разбирающийся в
numismatics, I realized that the golden moments of old, and therefore went
in the city and brought the museum specialists historical values.
The scientists (historians and archaeologists) who have left on a place have defined that
all values ​​found by the boy belong to the thirteenth

For researchers, it was surprising that the treasure
was in the middle of the woods and almost only slightly dug out. Until
they cannot determine how he got here, but lie here
for nearly eight centuries in a piece of cloth he simply could not.

Treasures given to people

Nikita himself for this treasure, handed over to the state and representing
tremendous cultural value for the country, received a certificate and monetary
reward in the amount of half a million rubles.

By the way, to the question of why treasures are revealed to some people.
yourself, although these lucky people think that they are just lucky. Apparently
they deserve it, not for nothing that in Russia, for example, there is
Such a saying: if God wants, then he will give a treasure to the window.
That is exactly what happened to Nikita, about the same
happened not so long ago and with a resident of Moscow living in the street
Pavel Andreev (Zamoskvorechye area). She made repairs in her
apartment and (presumably, quite by accident) stumbled into the wall
on a metal pipe immured there. In this cache is a woman
discovered nearly one and a half hundred gold coins of ten
rubles – with the image on the face of their emperor Nicholas
Ii. And such divine gifts are not so rare …

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