In the ancient tomb was a dolphin

During recent archaeological excavations on the island of Guernsey in
the English Channel scientists made a very unexpected discovery. One
from excavated ancient graves, scientists have found the remains of a dolphin.

Philip de Jersey and his colleagues found a burial ground in which
the bodies of medieval monks were buried. However, among
They, to everyone’s surprise, turned out to be the corpse of a marine mammal.
The head of the excavation reports:

It is very strange. We do not know what to think. What for
Someone took many centuries ago to bury a dolphin here?
His grave was dug very carefully and made so that she
looked like a burial place of man. Apparently, the one who
did it, attached great importance to this animal. we
guessing why? Dolphins were caught for meat and fat,
However, for the first time I see the animal buried in a full
the grave as a person.

Some researchers have suggested that dolphins could be buried
here to eat later. Say no to monks
I wanted to dig a special hole, so they put their
prey in a grave destined for someone. In favor of this
hypotheses say traces of salt (a known preservative) found in
earth and on the remains of the animal. It is not excluded that about the buried carcass
dolphins simply forgot, and other people took it for the grave with
human body inside.

However, this theory is no less fantastic than all the others, about
which scientists are trying not to spread. However,
as a hypothesis that does not contradict any dogma of the orthodox
science is perfectly acceptable. But about the true reason for this
burials we offer our readers to think for themselves …

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