In the anomalous zone above the airport “Vnukovo”planes hang

Muscovites are well known, whether urban legend, or quite
true information that the famous airport “Vnukovo”
there is an air anomaly in the area of ​​the same name in Belokamennaya,
which sometimes “get stuck” airliners.

Residents and guests of the capital have repeatedly noticed how passenger
the planes are hovering near the nearest highway, and it looks like
the spectacle is very surreal and even frightening, as if familiar to us
reality fails.

In RuNet, you can find a lot of videos (like the presented
below), demonstrating this mysterious phenomenon. They were all shot.
DVRs passing cars. Surely something
similar is in the official archives of the airport, but who is
share with the general public …

But even amateur videos clearly demonstrate how
landing aircraft “freeze” above the ground, and
always in the same place. Researchers of the supernatural
phenomena say that before us clearly manifested something
beyond the ordinary, but many users
the Russian-speaking segment of the Network are convinced that what is happening is
very rational and simple explanation.

According to skeptics, this is clearly a bizarre
optical illusion. Any and all videos with the “phenomenon”
removed from the cars that go to meet the planes.
Say, the speed of the car and the speed of the liner peculiar
way offset each other. In addition, their role can play
long distance between moving objects and a powerful counter
wind, “braking” the aircraft.

However, does such a theory not contradict the known
laws of physics and logic? If two objects move rapidly
towards each other, they, on the contrary, should rush past each other
friend extremely fast, is not it? Similar effect “hang”
can theoretically manifest itself in a completely different case: when the machine
and the plane is moving in the same direction. In a word,
The theory of materialists is clearly sewn with white thread.

Characteristically, several have already been known about this amazing phenomenon.
years, and only now they are really interested
domestic journalists. Maybe soon he will attract attention.
foreign newspapers and experts. Be that as it may, many
Muscovites and visitors willingly believe in the existence of an anomalous zone and
put forward various hypotheses about its nature.

Some believe that there is a failure in the illusory “Matrix”,
in which we live. For others, over the airport
there is an inexplicable movement of air masses, which is hardly
do not “throw back” the aircraft. Some even believe that
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization are involved here. And fourth
talk about secret government experiments on contactless
capture flying aircraft.

It is a pity that official materials on this intriguing topic or
hiding in long boxes, or simply destroyed. But they,
for sure, there are and appear again. At least in this
sure those who personally witnessed such a strange phenomenon at the airport
�”Vnukovo” …

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