In the Arkhangelsk region a snow man got onvideo

In the vicinity of the Russian city of Severodvinsk Arkhangelsk
the area probably wound up (or it appeared from nowhere, say,
from the parallel world) a real snowman. In the end
прошлого месяца на известном videoхостинге «YouTube» была
published a mysterious entry depicting the alleged
cryptide near the river Solsa.

It is reported that an amazing movie was received on February 18
current year, however, the public
reasons he became just now. Local residents, by the way, say
that lately foxes, wolves,
bears and even lynx. As if they are being thrown out of the natural environment.
habitat stronger and more ferocious predator …

An anonymous eyewitness managed to capture a possible bigfoot as
на videoрегистратор, так и на камеру мобильного телефона. The man
says that he was driving from Severodvinsk to the Kurtiaevo gorge. Road
to the town of Onega was snow-covered and even covered in many places
ice, so our compatriot moved on it very
carefully, not particularly overclocking. It was a quarter to eight in the evening,
it was already getting dark, that is, it was getting darker and darker in the street.
When the Severodvinets drove up to the bridge over the river, then suddenly
noticed to my right, on the side of the road, large and dark
humanoid figure. The alien somehow moved strangely, as if
an animal, swinging its front limbs.

Naturally, the appearance of the stranger and his behavior seemed
the driver is suspicious. Russian stopped, left the car and
followed a suspicious creature, taking it off
smartphone. Hearing a human cry, this creature quickly walked away.
on snow covered virgin forests in the forest, away from the road. And soon disappeared
among the trees.

The World Wide Web users who got acquainted with these frames,
Were very impressed by the courage of the man. Maybe exactly
so some commentators have suggested that
hoaxes Too fearless looks like a motorist in front
the face of an unknown official science and potentially dangerous

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