In the Atlantic, two giantwhirlpool

(this photo is illustrative – does not apply to the described

Как сообщает газета La Stampa, два исполинских whirlpool
found in the Atlantic, about 200 kilometers from the mouth
Amazon – in the region of Suriname and French Guyana. Diameter of each
even by the most modest estimates, is not less than 400

It’s like two huge disks, “abandoned” by someone
powerful arm to the surface of the ocean. Rotate these “wheels”
clockwise and rather slowly – no more than 3 kilometers in
hour. A peculiar wave-wave is formed on their border.
about half a meter high.

Currently, scientists are trying to understand what caused
of these oceanic anomalies and what effect they may have on
the climate of the Atlantic and the whole Earth.

The first assumption put forward Brazilian expert Guilherme
Castelao. In his opinion, the giant crater phenomenon occurs
the reason for the interaction at the mouth of the Amazon two ocean currents:
South Equatorial and what runs along the northern shores
South America. However, these ocean currents are not constant, but
funnels somehow never disappear and do not change any
a way that testifies to the fallacy of the Brazilian theory
specialist. At the basis of the formation of this anomaly, apparently,
lies a completely different mechanism, and while scientists can not figure it out.
Like to understand whether these giant water turbulence affect climate
Of the earth.

An interesting opinion about this, the newspaper La Stampa,
expressed a specialist in natural mills, Bill Jones, who
believes that the giant whirlpools of the Atlantic can be used
to facilitate ship navigation and even to save fuel
while swimming in the local waters.

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