In the Austrian Alps, a “wavefantastic tsunami

In Austria, a unique video was filmed, in which a successful
the operator captured an unusual natural phenomenon – from the sky
(naturally from a thundercloud) fell scary and at the same time
завораживающая «волна fantastic tsunami.

That is the name given to her by the author of the video, which
admitted that he had never seen anything like it anywhere, and therefore
I was literally shocked by the look of this element.

The spectacle is indeed apocalyptic because it seems that
the heavens suddenly opened, and in this frightening “hole” is unknown
from where huge streams of water poured. Just like in the Bible, where
approximately also describes the Flood (“and opened up
hay heaven “).

By the way, the author clarifies that personally observe this phenomenon was
even more terribly, because it seemed that the world was collapsing, he came
The apocalypse that all sorts of prophets promise us for so long
(read the link why prophecies about the end of the world
come true). They promise, they scare, but they can’t say exactly when
the abyss of heaven will indeed open up. And here – here it is, like
would have already begun …

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