In the Carpathians photographed the famousBroken ghost

Brokensky ghost, contrary to the first thought of many of us, is not
some particular ghost, and not a ghost at all. It is
about a rare atmospheric phenomenon when the shadow of a person standing on
mountain peak or ridge, cast on fog or clouds,
opposite the sun. Far away in the haze
a huge and vague human figure arises, often
surrounded by a multi-colored halo. Silhouette usually seems
voluminous and moving: not only because of the traveler’s movement, but
and because of the fluctuations of water suspended in the air.

The mysterious optical phenomenon got its name in honor of
German peak Brocken, where almost all the year there are very
favorable weather conditions for the appearance of such shadows. In former
Times, as you might guess, it was believed that the phenomenon is
mystical character, and on Brokene witches and other
devilry. However, if you don’t know what you’re dealing with, you can
our days are great to shake off when you see a mountain climb
giant dark silhouette in the fog. Brokensky ghosts sometimes
notice in the Carpathians, and one of these meetings took place in the past
Sunday, January 14th.

Ukrainian tourist Natalya Scherby from Kalush in
Ivano-Frankivsk region not only then saw her inspiring
mystical fear of shadow in the clouds, but also captured the “ghost” on
snapshot. A woman says that it happened when she
ascended to the 2020-meter mount Petros, along with his friends.
Being an experienced mountaineer, Scherby was not afraid of the appearance
�”Phantom”, because he knew his nature. However,
the author of the presented photo was pleasantly surprised that
lucky enough to see such a rare occurrence and even
take a picture of him for memory.

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