In the Cathedral of Notre Dame twicephotographed the ghost

The user of the famous entertainment and news resource
�“Reddit” under the pseudonym cuchulan published in
�”Supernatural” section of the site a couple of pictures depicting something
unusual. According to the author, the images were made by him during
trips to the french capital. The man visited the famous Cathedral
Notre Dame and took a few photos there, and when later
looked at them on the computer, then noticed on two frames strange

Both pictures taken by the tourist inside the legendary
catholic temple of Notre Dame, demonstrate a mysterious haze,
that floats or floats in the air right in the middle of visitors
cathedral. Naturally, cuchulan thought of the ghost right away, like
just made this discovery. The photographer believes that in such a place
probably come people from the other world, and one of them to him,
apparently, it was possible to capture on these frames.

A man writes:

I took pictures of the main altar in Notre Dame several times, but
when I looked through my pictures, I found two of them.
This unidentified club is a brownish couple. It looks a bit like smoke.
from incense, but there was no priest nearby with a censer. Besides
In addition, on one photo this strange cloud is blocked by someone else’s
head. All I did with the images in the editor is
brightened them a bit and circled the anomaly with red rectangles. I
sure that this is not paradydolia, because the cloud is hanging in the air,
there are no surfaces behind it and it stands out clearly on
background of open space. I have a good friend who
is a great skeptic and still has an amazing ability
Easily find logical explanations for such photos. AT
In this case, he failed to rationally explain the “ghost” in
the temple.

Many users of “Reddit” called these frames impressive.
and even scary. The author of the publication notes that he also visited
then in the Catacombs of Paris, where the walls are lined with remains of about 6
million people, and took a lot of pictures there, but not one
none of them recorded anything mysterious or unusual.
Thus, cuchulan concluded that spirits like more
be in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, than in a dark dungeon.
Or maybe the matter is quite different? We know absolutely nothing how
the world of the dead is tripled, trusting in this case religious tales and
Preaching is all one thing to listen to today’s politicians. ATедь и
they and others pursue the same goals – to enslave our consciousness,
but not enlighten …

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