In the Caucasus Mountains, a giant video was captured�”Jellyfish”

Alien ship, giant land jellyfish,
futuristic city from a parallel world or a huge mushroom? In
The World Wide Web is rapidly gaining in popularity.
Laid out by ufologists on December 23 on “YouTube”. Authors publication
claim that the video was received a little earlier, but this month
in the mountains of the Caucasus. It is about the top of the Russian stratovolcano
Elbrus, rising above sea level to 5642 meters. Operator
while unknown.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see on
the snow-covered horizon of the mountain is an incredible structure similar to
thick bulging disc with a huge number of legs. Someone thinks
that this is a living creature related to jellyfish. Researchers
UFOs and extraterrestrial civilizations claim that this is a cosmic
alien ship. With an increase in the frame can be seen much
a smaller, darker object that flew around the jellyfish. Maybe this
Was a Russian military helicopter studying a UFO? Or released
�”Flying saucer” drone, surveyed the surrounding space on

Skeptics, of course, have their own guesses about the origin
mysterious object. Some materialists believe that on the mysterious
video captured fancy clouds (but according to the theory
intelligent clouds this could also be some kind of artificial
creation, albeit cloudy). Others suggest that it is
A mirage like Fata Morgans. Others are convinced that
sensational video looks too good to be true, but
therefore for sure is the result of skillful installation.

Unfortunately, to confirm or deny these guesses is not
It seems possible because experts are not able to
find the person who received this amazing material. However,
authorship has never been a powerful argument for determining
the authenticity of the material: skeptics are not persuaded by any arguments and
facts, as well as believers in a particular theory, for example,
ufologists in the fact that it is not a ship of aliens and not at all their hands
a business…

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