In the caves of Antarctica is so warm that therelife flourishes

Antarctica is gradually revealing its secrets, since
The side of scientists has recently shown increased attention.
So, thanks to this revealed the secret of the origin of viruses on Earth,
discovered unique ice samples that are almost three million years old
and much more.

Team of australian national university not so long ago
made another discovery on the ice continent of our planet.
Researchers have discovered extensive caves and tunnels beneath a layer of ice.
and determined that they are so warm that it allows
suppose: there is life, both vegetable and animal.

Studies were conducted on Ross Island, where
active volcano Erebus. It was here that formed under the ice
these amazing voids, full of life. That’s what it says about it.
about one of the members of the expedition Ceridwen Fraser (Keridven

Inside those caves and tunnels the temperature reaches 25
degrees Celsius, there you can feel comfortable even in
t-shirt. And in these voids a lot of light that leaks
through ice and cracks. We have found numerous animal DNAs and
plants, some of which were previously known (mined on others
parts of Antarctica), and some are simply unique.

This is confirmed by the co-author of this study, Laurie Connell.
(Lori Connell) of the University of Maine (USA), which considers their
discovery is the door to a new world unknown to us, full of
exciting puzzles and secrets. True to the mysterious caves,
which are well viewed by satellites, she complains
to get …

However, it is there, agrees Professor Craig Cary (Craig
Carey) of the University of New Zealand, in these voids under a layer of ice
complex forms of life can be established, moreover, unknown to us.

Antarctica, it should be noted, is rich in volcanoes, here only
active, you can count more than fifteen, and found
all new and new. Therefore, it is possible, the researchers say that
such ice caves and tunnels are everywhere. And it would be
It’s nice to find a relationship between them: then you can talk about the new
ecosystem in the biodiversity of the ice continent.

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