In the Chelyabinsk region came up with a newtourist entertainment: feed the yeti

Thus, the first snow manger appeared in Russia.
person Built it in the Nyazepetrovsky region – on the banks of the river
Kukuzar The authorities hope that this will attract tourists to the area, and
the organizers of such a unique art object themselves are more oriented
on the propaganda of knowledge of the Yeti and nurturing respect for
this legendary hominid.

According to scientists, the myth of the snowman is not so
fabulous, and in the vast Chelyabinsk region of this fantastic
hominid met more than once. And if he is found in these parts, then
why would a man not make friends with him by feeding him with all sorts of

For example, in order to gain the favor of the yeti,
It is recommended to put only vegetarian treats in his feeder,
moreover, environmentally friendly, say, fruits, nuts and seeds,

As skeptics say, such a feeding trough will not be ignored,
Is it only a snowman? There are a lot of animals and birds in the forest
who will certainly be grateful to people for the “feeder for

But the snowman himself, according to many independent
researchers hardly need such help from people
since he is too smart and strong, even in many ways
(for example, has telepathy, hypnosis, is able to instantly go to
свой параллельный мир) значительно превосходит person His obvious
the superiority of us, the experts joke, confirms even that
Yeti is not trying to arrange a feeder for people …

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