In the cinema filmed a ghostly viewer

User of the popular social news resource “Reddit”
under the pseudonym Tacolava shared with the site regulars mysterious

According to the author of the publication, he allegedly succeeded
Capture the ghost on the camera of a smartphone in an empty room
cinema �”We are waiting for the next session …” – so the photographer entitled
his post, implying, apparently, that he had to wait for the show
film in the company comes from the next world.

The presented image demonstrates an incomprehensible pale
a figure on one of the chairs. If you look closely, then
it can be understood that she really looks like a seated person.
Many commentators have decided that the cinema has the spirit of a certain
late viewer, who often came here during his lifetime. Only
Imagine: you are watching a movie in the darkness of the hall (perhaps even
horror film), and not far from you sits whitish haze, which took
outlines of man. Scary, is not it?

Skeptics, of course, are in no hurry to believe in such
paranormal. According to the materialists, blame
light, dirty spot on the camera lens or elementary photoshop.
Other doubts believe that it is a luminous
installation, set in honor of the upcoming Halloween. Owners
Many cinemas in the West really resort to such
tricks with the approach of the eve of All Saints’ Day to amuse
their customers or even tickle their nerves.

However, most users of the resource still believed in
привидение cinema Moreover, some of them began to build
their assumptions on this subject and even give the author a picture
belated tips, for example, try to sit on that place in
the cinema hall that the ghost took a fancy is surely it is cold and
causing a certain thrill in the soul …

It is possible, only someone on such a step, even from
most ardent materialists and skeptics, would you dare? ..

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