In the Crimea, the boy was kidnapped by aliens?

A resident of Simferopol Olga Chadova claims that her
ten-year-old son was kidnapped by aliens. As writes edition, October 26, the child left the house to the store and not
is back.

The mother, disturbed by the delay of the child, went to look for him,
and suddenly, to my surprise, I saw my son’s gloves on the ground, that
it was very strange. At this time, Olga noticed that in the sky
deleted a strange object, very similar to the “flying
a plate.

Since the son never returned from the store, Chadova through
some time went to the police, explaining to them the alleged
version that the boy could be abducted by aliens – she saw

Unfortunately, the guards did not accept a statement from the woman
since at that moment she was drunk, and her words about aliens and
�”Flying saucers” who allegedly kidnapped the child seemed
police officers, to say the least, nonsense.

The very next day this story got a completely different color:
the child was never found, so the police and volunteers set about
searching for a missing third grader. Olga Chadova herself checked
psychiatrists since she continued to claim to have seen a UFO and
sure (mother’s heart tells) that the boy was taken
aliens. Psychologists say mother could see
�“Flying saucer” under the influence of a stressful situation, although
Olga is sure that this can not be: when she noticed
strange lights of that “plate” receding in the sky, it is practically
I did not know about the disappearance of my son, I was just worried about his delay –
it was not yet stressful.

Ufologists, having become acquainted with the situation, fully admit that
a child could steal the aliens. If so, then they are often
returning children back – there is hope that the boy will appear
alive and well. Police and public of Simferopol version of
aliens are not considered because there are good reasons for
it is not. While the search continues for the boy with the attraction
various versions, including
possible accidents when children, for example, fail in
manholes, die on construction sites and so on …

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