In the desert of Nevada found a giant triangularstructure

A resident of the Nevada city of Battle Mountain viewed satellite
pictures of the desert of his state and unexpectedly discovered on the ground
огромную треугольную structure, длина каждой стороны которой
exceeds 1200 meters. The mysterious structure looks man-made and
quite old. The coordinates of the object: 40 ° 21’02.1 “N 117 ° 20’46.2” W

It is noteworthy that the author of the discovery investigated the photographs of the local
desert for a reason. According to our hero, he planned to find
in Nevada, the place where on August 14, 1952 there was a fall
mysterious aircraft, inside which, if you believe
ufologists and conspiracy therapists found the bodies of 16 humanoids.

Maybe we have a certain airfield, built in the middle
last century by the US military? Or the top secret
underground base? What if this is a spaceship crashed in the desert
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization? ..

Web users put forward a variety of versions of origin
giant triangle. Someone even claims that it’s about
most ancient artifact, once left here “green
little men. The structure, they say, goes deep into the ground,
continuously collecting information about our planet and sending it to
deep space. And somewhere on the far edge of the universe aliens
constantly take it.

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