In the dog’s ear found … the face of Donald Trump

A resident of the English county of Tyne and Wear discovered something
very unusual, looking in his ear to his beagle, nicknamed Chief.

25-year-old Jade Robinson looked at her beloved dog with a purpose
checking his health and quite unexpectedly noticed that the folds
in her 2-year-old pet’s ear suspiciously similar to Donald’s face
Trump When a woman took a picture of the “anomaly” and laid out
funny picture of the network, he became a real hit social networks.

The dog owner admits that many users of the World Wide Web
notice the image of the American president in the dog’s ear right away, in
while it took her about half an hour to do it. Undoubtedly
it is nothing more than a bizarre paradolic illusion, however
the animal’s ear canal is too much like a ruler’s profile
Of the United States, including the famous redhead hair policy.
Some Internet regulars have even suggested that
supernatural sign from above. True, what is the relationship between
the head of the White House and the British hound, difficult to say.

Jade Robinson, in response to this, states that she does not believe too much in
a similar mystic, but the Englishwoman is pleased that her four-legged
a friend made many people smile and even pushed some on
so unusual thoughts.

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