In the English countryside disappear mysteriouslycats

In the bucolic village of Berfam in the south of England they became mystically
исчезать cats. Locals alarmed by the disappearance of their
pets fear the worst by building the most terrible in their minds
assumptions, and therefore even refuse to release quadrupeds
friends to the street. However, even this does not always help.
Some felines literally dissolve into
air, disappearing without a trace straight from their homes.

Law enforcement officers investigating this loss just shake
shoulders. Nothing indicates that baleen pets are kidnapped
some detractors or maniacs. The most amazing thing is that
most of the missing cats had special microchips,
allowing at any time to determine their location, however
now this electronics does not give a signal – well, at least one chip
proved himself … Even specially trained dogs were powerless
in such a situation – taking a trail, any bloodhound soon hopelessly loses
his and only puzzled twists his head, guiltily looking into his eyes

It is noteworthy that a similar attack befell last year.
residents of the Austrian city of Frauenkirchen. Some of the missing
there the cats were soon found with traces of injuries, however most
missing pets never returned to their owners. Some
experts even suggested then that animals could be abducted
aliens. It is known that aliens are interested in many species,
обитающими на Земле, и cats вполне могут быть им чем-то

Впрочем, существует даже теория, что cats — сами по себе
unearthly creatures, being the conductors of the alien mind.
It seems like a fantastic disappearance purr indirectly
confirms this …

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