In the English pub photographed the famousghost actively harming the institution

54-year-old British ghostbuster Andrew Williamson
claims that he managed to photograph the famous ghost
in one of the English pubs.

The Griffin Inn Pub in Wakefield County
West Yorkshire has suffered from phantom activity for many years.
the woman who beats the glasses and mugs here, turns over the furniture,
slamming doors and opening beer taps. In short, hurts
institution as you can.

On the paranormal image obtained by the researcher
clearly visible dark translucent figure that looks like a lady in
vintage dress. Williamson claims he was at the time of the shooting
the only bar visitor. Beerowner, 29-year-old Michael
Briggs was not at all surprised when he saw this photo. According to
businessman, a mysterious woman from the dead light in the pub
long ago, and to her tricks here already had time to get used to. The only
a positive point in this situation is the attractiveness
Devilry for some customers interested in

No one knows the ghost story.

Andrew Williamson told:

I have a gift to feel the otherworldly presence and
capture such things on camera. It was a woman. She doesn’t
she gave me her name, she said nothing at all. But I saw
her own eyes, and then carefully photographed. This pub
a long history, and before I repeatedly heard that there is usual
a kind of spirit that does all kinds of dirty tricks. Therefore, with permission
Mr. Briggs I surveyed the building in the morning while the pub was still
was closed to visitors. I’m not used to praise my own
achievements, but this is a very impressive shot. Phantoms give remove
It’s not too often in the photo, all the more so clearly.

Michael Briggs remembered a bit from the past of the beer:

This building was built in the 1740s and first
served as an inn. Institution has changed a lot
owners, and now it’s a bar. Wife of the former owner
warned me that horrible things are happening here, but I
thought she was exaggerating. However, I was wrong. When is the first
the day the glass fell off the shelf and broke on the rack, I realized that
it will be interesting to work here. I like talking to old ones.
haunters pub who went here long before my
appearances. They have a lot of stories about this ghostly woman.
It’s a pity that nothing about anyone about her personality
is known.

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