In the evening English sky flew a stringUFO

Five mysterious unidentified flying objects flew
a string in the evening sky over the English city of Basingstoke,
making Hampshire county residents fear invasion
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

The video below shows these
удивительные светящиеся UFO, была сделана индивидуумом, пожелавшим
remain anonymous. The man sent the received material to
known American ufological organization “MUFON” and wrote
specialists the following:

I and my colleague went to the fresh air in the evening to
take some documents from the van of the car, and suddenly … they noticed
lights slowly flying over the buildings of Basingstoke. First appeared
one, then another, the third … There were five of them altogether. It was
just astounding. Visibility due to fog was not the most
better, so we decided to slazit more on the roof, so that better
Consider these mysterious lights from her. However when we turned
there, the balls of fire have already disappeared from the firmament. It’s good that we managed
capture them on the camera phone from the ground. We watched them
about 30 minutes, and I recorded about 4 minutes of video.

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