In the evening sky over California noticed�”Dancing” string of mysterious lights

In the state of California USA in the evening sky over the city of Palm Springs
there was a whole string of sparkling lights that are not easy
flew, and as if “danced” in height.

Strange luminous objects moved synchronously and masterly,
flying away, connecting again, making unthinkable in the sky
�”Pretzel”, which created the impression of dance. Many townspeople
went outside to admire this “dance” in the sky, because
Witnesses of the mysterious celestial phenomenon attracted neighbors loud
surprised exclamations.

�”Dancing” over the city, the string of lights gradually became
retired and eventually disappeared over the horizon. Residents
Palm Springs remained at a loss as nothing ever
like not seen, and experts, of course, kept silent, as
this is already accepted in all cases where scientists cannot explain
some kind of natural or even mimtic phenomenon.

From here, ordinary Americans made their conclusions: these are not drones or
birds, but then only aliens remain, since the military and
do not suit such fire parades in the sky …

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