In the evening sky watched a dance of severalUFO

On September 15, a resident of the English city of Shaftesbury witnessed
the emergence in the sky of several unidentified flying objects.

According to an eyewitness, first two luminous were visible above the ground
белых UFO, которые кружились в каком-то странном танце,
periodically arising and disappearing in the blue. Then one of these lights
unexpectedly “exploded”, divided into several smaller
white and pink balls. Confuse this spectacle with fireworks or
drones were simply impossible.

Ufologists in perplexity – what is it? Network users too
divided in opinion: on the one hand it looks like some kind of
amazing illumination, but on the other – who could arrange it,
And the illumination is completely silent? And most importantly – why? ..

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