In the famous hotel accidentally filmedghost

Hotel “Stanley”, located in the American city of Estes-Park
State of Colorado, again showed the world something mystical. Once here
stopped by the writer Stephen King and his wife. Old hotel
how impressed the master of horror was that he came to that very night
head the idea of ​​the best-selling book “Shine”.

In the 108-year-old hotel, 142 rooms have been photographed before.
ominous shadows and silhouettes in the twilight of long empty corridors, however
Now, witnesses managed to photograph in these walls an incredibly clear
ghostly figure, and even surrounded by many people.
A creepy, rather curious sight.

The Mausling family went here last month to take
along with 11 other guests participating in the so-called “ghostly
round. ” The Americans did a lot during this tour.
photographs, however, they did not immediately identify a mysterious snapshot,
got near one of the stairs.

Just the other day, John and Jessica Mousling, looking through their
images, suddenly noticed a whitish human figure,
coming down that very staircase. Spouses are ready to swear that
at the time of shooting there was nobody there. And because the authors of the photo
suggest that this is a real phantom – female

Former FBI agent Ben Hansen, currently exposing
�”Paranormal” materials, carefully studied the picture and came to
the conclusion that the image does not contain obvious signs of a fake.
According to the expert, the photo can really be captured
something supernatural. A professional opinion of Ben Hansen
you can believe …

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